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I am in no way affiliated with BillyBoy*, BillyBoy* Toys, or Surreal Productions, the creator and manufacturer of the Mdvanii doll.  I am a collector, and hope to use this site to communicate with and share information with other collectors.

I will be adding photos from my own collection, as well as photos provided by other Mdvanii enthusiasts.  In some cases, the owners of the dolls/outfits do not wish to be identified, in other instances I'll be giving the owner's name. 






"Flame"  is a gorgeous platinum "New Basic" doll


This gorgeous ensemble is called "Chez Paul Poiret"


Does anyone know the name of this fabulous ensemble from Liberty of  London?

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There have been a number of magazine and newspaper articles printed about Mdvanii and the other dolls from the Mdvanii line.  Here is a list of some of the articles I'm aware of.  If you know of others I need to add, please feel free to email me at the address below.

Elle, March 1990, "Hallo Dolly" Meet Mdvanii
Dolls - The Collector's Magazine, May 1990, BillyBoy's Newest Toy, By Robert Campbell Rowe
Barbie Bazaar, November - December 1990, Mdvanii, The Renaissance of Fashion Dolls, by Sumiko Watanabe
Doll Castle News, November - December 1990, My Fetish For Mdvanii, by Darrell Wallace
Contemporary Doll Magazine, Spring 1991, Cover Story: BillyBoy's Mdvanii Tells All, by Lewis Goldstein
Contemporary Doll Magazine, Summer 1991, Clyde Smith Illustrates Mdvanii (A Paper Doll)
Barbie Bazaar, May - June 1992, Dheei The Ultra Neo-Zephyr of Black Fashion Dolls, by Sumiko Watanabe
Barbie Bazaar, September - October 1992, 2 page ad for the French fashion Magazine, L'Officiel, featuring Mdvanii as their amassadres
The Fashion Doll Scene, June 1999 (Scene 4, Take 3), The Mysteries of Mdvanii
Miller's Fashion Doll, September 1999, BillyBoy* Alive and Well, by Doris Mixon
The Fashion Doll Scene, February 2000 (Scene 5, Take 1), Mdvanii OOH-LA-LA!!!, by Steve Ferguson
New York Times, Wednesday, March 14, 1990, "A Doll for the 99s: Beautiful But No Bimbo"
The Tatler, March, 1990, "Wear For Art Thou"
The San Francisco Chronicle, (date unknown), "Doll With A French Twist"

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Sunday, August 19, 1990, "Ooh-la-la! That French Mdvanii Is A Real Doll"



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